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Megan Cameron

Megan Cameron

Megan Cameron is the Principal of Cactus View Elementary School and collaborates with all stakeholders to bring to life the student's foundational journey and the district’s vision of a portrait of a graduate student'. The community with Megan plays a vital role in each student's educational journey and it is our responsibility to ensure it is lifelong. 

Before being named Principal of Cactus View, Megan had the privilege of teaching and leading in grades 2nd through 7th and is highly qualified in middle school English. During her teaching career, she received accolades for developing relationships with students and having a close and genuine rapport with parents and community members.

It is a privilege to continue to serve the community of Cactus View Elementary School as your Principal. Our students and staff make our school magical. As I walk the halls and classrooms, I will continue to look for our students' pride when they make connections and continue to display the love and respect I have for each person who walks through our doors.