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Health Services

Nurse’s Office: Meet Nurse Judy

Hello! I’m Nurse Judy Stefaniak, resident nurse at Cactus View Elementary. I have been a Registered Nurse for over 27 years and have had the pleasure of serving Cactus View’s students since 2003.

My experience as a nurse began back in 1987 when I received my Associate’s Degree in Nursing from Phoenix College. After, I attended the University of Phoenix to complete my Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, and then further on to receive my Master’s of Nursing in 2014. Throughout this process, I obtained my Arizona School Nurse Certification in 2004 and joined Cactus View Elementary in 2003.


The health office needs your permission to dispense medication to your child. Medication forms are available in the health office or at the front desk and must be completed when dropping off any medication for your child. In accordance with district policy, hand-written notes are not acceptable.

All over-the-counter medication must be dispensed through the health office (this does include cough drops). To ensure that medication has not expired and the dosage is correct, all medication needs to be in the original container.

Doctor-prescribed medication must be in original container with the prescription label that includes the patient's name intact. 

If it is necessary for a child to take medication during school hours, the following requirements must be met:

  • Students may not keep medication with them. Diabetes with insulin pumps are an exception.

  • Prescription medication must be in the original container with a current prescription.

  • Over-the-counter medication must be in the original container. Appropriate dosage will be stated on the label.

  • There must be written permission from the parent/guardian to administer medication to the child. Dosage, time, dates to be given and name of medication must be stated. A separate medication form needs to be completed for each.

  • Medications are expected to be brought to school by the parent/guardian.

  • Inhalers cannot be kept on the child’s person unless the student is in the 5th or 6th grade and has given a written doctor’s order to the nurse. (For severe asthma) 

  • It is recommended that liquid medicines that require refrigeration be left in the Health Center during the dates to be dispensed. Ask your pharmacist for a second container to be kept at school.

  • If medication needs to be given during a field trip, please provide the nurse with an extra labeled pharmacy.

  • Medications brought to school and not meeting necessary requirements will not be dispensed by the nurse and will be locked in the office until a parent/guardian verifies the medication and follows the procedure or takes it home. Cough Drops must be handed in to the Nurse or teacher to dispense due to choking hazard.

When Can My Child Return to School?

Please remember it is district policy that your child be fever free (no fever without the aid of Tylenol or Ibuprofen) and vomit free for 24 hours prior to returning to school. This district policy protects all students from illness. Thank you for your help.

Immunizations for School-Age Children

Physical Education (PE) Excuses

A written parental excuse is required if your child cannot participate in P.E. class for three classes or fewer. If your child is unable to participate in P.E. for more than three classes a doctor’s excuse is required. A doctor’s release is required for a child to participate in P.E. following surgery or serious injury.

Birthday Celebration Guidelines

Here at Cactus View, we love to be part of the celebration of each child's birthday. Each student's name will be read during the announcements on their birthday and will also get to go to our treasure box.  

In the Classroom

All foods must be store brought and in original packaging. 

  • Please remember that due to certain latex allergies, balloons of any kind are never permitted in the school.  

  • Due to peanut allergies, no snacks will be allowed that contain nuts of any kind. Please check ingredients lists before purchasing snacks for a celebration.  

  • We ask that if you are going to provide snacks for a birthday celebration please do so only if PRIOR arrangements have been made with the teacher.  

We appreciate your support and understanding as we continue to provide all students with a safe and healthy environment at Cactus View. 

Thank you for your cooperation.