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Health Services

Cactus View Elementary School is dedicated to providing each student the opportunity to maximize their learning potential by supporting a safe and healthy school environment through our health and nutrition programs. 

Continued reinforcement of health and nutrition education provides the foundation for students to gain the critical skills needed to adopt, practice, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Birthday Celebration Guidelines

Here at Cactus View, we love to be part of the celebration of each child's birthday. Each student's name will be read during the announcements on their birthday and will also get to go to our treasure box.  

In the Classroom

All foods must be store brought and in original packaging. 

  • Please remember that due to certain latex allergies, balloons of any kind are never permitted in the school.  

  • Due to peanut allergies, no snacks will be allowed that contain nuts of any kind. Please check ingredients lists before purchasing snacks for a celebration.  

  • We ask that if you are going to provide snacks for a birthday celebration please do so only if PRIOR arrangements have been made with the teacher.